Why Bank of Jordan Syria?

  • For its exclusive service standard offered, that is built on exclusive ties with clients and communication skills. Through a qualified and motivated working team characterized with knowledge, banking culture, and experience in different fields of banking, investment, and financial work.
  • For its being pioneer in fulfilling the financial and banking needs and ambitions of clients, For its continuous effort for improving the service offered to be as a closest partner so to stay always as the most favorable bank.
  • For its comprehensive set of products and services offered. It includes the focus on individual banking products and services specially personal accounts and expanding credit facilities to individuals as personal loans and advances, handcraft loans, housing loans, vehicles financing, as well as creating new programmers to fulfill the demand of this sector.
  • For its continuous development to the methodology of work, and the restructuring of banking products and services to meet the needs and expectations of clients in the sector of companies and corporations through a comprehensive set of products and services of added value targeting this vital sector.