No matter what your banking needs are, and to execute your transactions accurately and quickly, Bank of Jordan Syria will always be closer to you and the more capable to fulfill the requirements of your commercial operations at a high quality level.

What are the bills for collection?

They are some sort of promissory notes or drafts that are drawn by an exporter, called the drawer. The payment order specifies a certain amount to paid for the issuer or to any other party at sight or a specific date. The amount of the draft represent the value of a commercial deal at cost or with transport expenses or any other arrangement agreed upon. This draft is included in the documents prepared for shipping the goods.

Advantages of bills for collection service at Bank of Jordan Syria

  • Easy and quick issuance of bills of collection
  • Competitive commission charge
  • Accuracy in processing transactions
  • Quick procedures for extending or renewing bills of collection.

Beneficiaries from the bills of collection service

  • All entities and project contractors of whatever activity or line of business
  • Entrepreneurs who own businesses, industrial and commercial vocations
  • Persons who deal in export/import businesses

Export Commitments

Facilitate the export goods out of the country in collaboration with the Central Bank of Syria and in accordance with the laws and legislations.

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